Web-Design & E-Commerce

The most important thing first:

The focus is on userexperience!

Good web design means user-friendly and target-oriented web design. A simple and appealing structure of the page, a clear color scheme and intuitive navigation ensure that the visitor feels comfortable on your side.
Technically flawless functionality that guarantees short loading times is also essential. If these principles are not adhered to, users will return to Google after just 3 seconds, according to a study.

Our website concepts guarantee these prerequisites.

High-quality images and graphics increase attention.

The content is placed clearly and structured – not too little, but also not too much information.

We also attach great importance to the white spaces, the “empty” blocks on your website. Because they are extremely important for clarity. Surely you know web pages that are packed with text and information, anything but user-friendly.

It goes without saying that our pages are easy to use and run flawlessly on all platforms.

Fast & Clear

Our websites are clear | clear | fast | Memorable


This means that the layout of the website is designed to be as readable and operable on today's devices such as tablets and smartphones as it is on a desktop PC.
This ease of use is also a ranking criterion of Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Various criteria are decisive for the ranking of your website on Google or other search engines. Among other things, the visual structure, how and in what form the content or the navigation menu are positioned or whether your website is also usable for users with disabilities is used.

Online Shop

Your target group is King | Various payment options | Clear structuring


allows to make the layout of a website so flexible that it allows an even user-friendliness on the computer desktop, tablet and smartphone and the content can be recorded completely and immediately by the user. Google pays attention to the responsive implementation of a website as a ranking criterion.

Interface connection

The output of external content of existing data collections is also no problem with optional interface programming.