We offer you a tailor-made solution:

Storage space of 10, 20 or 50GB? is the e-mail store included or extra? 100 or 500 email accounts? 5 cronjobs or 10?

You do not have to ask yourself these questions with us. You get the technical resources you need. It goes without saying that all this is state-of-the-art.

Due to the server location in Austria, not only the EU Data Protection Regulation is guaranteed, but there are numerous advantages compared to other hosting providers, which often rent webspace abroad.

Your website runs on stable, certified branded hardware in Austria. This guarantees your customers extremely short access times and, in addition to a better SEO ranking, also a longer stay of visitors to your website.

In addition to the daily backups on the host server, your data is also backed up to a Continuous Data Protection Server.

Fast & Reliable

High-quality 24/7 certified brand hardware | Redundant energy supply through two different power grids | “Clean-Earth” | 24/7 Server Monitoring | High-tech data center

Statistics tools

To evaluate the browsing behavior of your visitors, we provide server-side statistics tools as well as plugins in the CMS.

Domain management

We also offer you the management of your domain and register more for you | Hosting as a complete package

The data center

Due to the server location in a highly secure building in Vienna, you have access to the most important Internet node VIX in Austria | ISO 27001 Certified | Fiber optic connectivity | Reliability

Our partner in server questions:

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